Tuesday, July 15, 2008

late night crap

I think I'm going to start adding a youtube video of music I like with each post from now on. I know, youtube posts are so overdone in the blogging world, but don't feel obligated to watch it. You may be at work, or just don't care and that's fine with me.

During lunch today, I stepped out with a coworker to get a quick bite. On the way back to work from Chinatown, I stopped into a deli to get some fruit, more specifically, packaged sliced watermelon. I wanted a cigarette at this point, as any smoker or ex smoker knows that afer meal cigarettes are the best! I reached into my cheapy Muji bag and realized that my cigarettes were in the pocket of my blazer, which lay draped over my desk chair back at the office. Long story short, I ended up (reluctantly) accepting my coworkers menthol cigarette. Carrying the sliced watermelon in the plastic bag and smoking the menthol cigarette, I quietly said to my coworker, 'OMG! I'm black! Help a brother out'. Uproarious laugher. Yeah, I went there bitches, deal with it.

I did say that quietly, of course (though I say everything quietly). Race jokes are frequently funny, and besides, aren't I just doing what Obama wants? Getting race out in the open? I know that people have snickered when I've been on the subway back to my apartment carrying a 20 pound bag of Japanese (California grown) short or medium grain rice. But yeah, political correctness has never been important to me. It ruins humor, makes people afraid to ask a question, and is all around wishy washy. I just choose what to say to whom, based on how well I know them and how they might react.

Moving on, I'm now ordering cigarettes online from Indian reservations. I know I should quit, but.... well, yeah. There are so many cheap cigarette online stores, mostly based out of Eastern Europe. I really don't want to smoke cigarettes made for the Eastern European market. The Indian reservations sell them legally, and for a good price by carton. I've also switched brands- I've been smoking Marlboro Lights for a while now, yet never really liked them. I now smoke Pall Mall lights, which I think is quite cool and classic. A lot of the brands popular in the US, like Parliament, for example, I don't really care for. Marlboro Lights seem really popular, but are 'fishy' to me, for lack of a better word. Camels are ok, but I get tired of them. Winston Lights are nice, but I bought a pack of Pall Malls a month ago out of curiosity and loved the smoothness.

Isn't it strange how brands come and go? Pall Mall was THE cigarette in the US in the 60s, but now, probably do to lack of advertising (not to mention the death of the first wave of people who smoked them), the brand just isn't so popular. There are other examples. Lark cigarettes (which I really do love), are also not popular here anymore. They are, however, VERY popular in Japan. What happened? How did Marlboro beat all these other brands? Honestly, I don't think I could smoke another Marlboro Light again after trying Pall Mall.

from the mid 80s album 'Psychocandy', 'Never Understand' by The Jesus and Mary Chain. music for people who are.....numb

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I really can't handle my liquor

It happened again. I didn't faint this time, but I got sick after 2 drinks. How lame am I? When I tell my friends this story, I said it was after 4 drinks, but between you and me, it was 2 :-(

Shigeki was in town Sunday, so we met up late when he was finished with his work assignment. We met last summer when I was in Tokyo and had a nice time, so I was happy that he agreed to meet up, even though he had flown in from Japan that day, went to work, and had an early flight the next morning. Anyway, a late dinner at Yokocho started the evening. I felt a little silly bringing someone who just flew in from Tokyo to a mediocre izakaya, but on Sunday night past 11 PM, there aren't a huge number of options of places open other than diners. Hopefully he found it interesting, despite the annoyingly loud super trendy Japanese early 20s kids sitting near us. But, we made fun of them behind their backs and had a laugh. :-)

I only had one beer with the meal. One. Not 5. Not 3. One. I figured the divey but diverse Phoenix bar on East 13th Street could be fun, so we headed there. It was Pride night, but it wasn't that full. I guess everyone else was in the West Village and Chelsea, and from talking to Shigeki, I didn't feel like it was really his scene. Nor is Chelsea mine. Don't get me wrong, there's a few places there I like, but I didn't want to go and be judged by guys in lycra tops with muscles but no personality. We talked and I had a gin and tonic. Granted it was a strong G&T, but I drank it and we headed to 7A. I was feeling slightly hungry, and was planning on ordering breakfast. The conversation was nice, as Shigeki is quite wordly and easy to talk to. Long story short, I ended up heading to the restroom thinking I was going to puke. I wasn't drunk in the slightest, just not feeling well at this point. It was a false alarm, I couldn't throw up and returned to the table. About 5 Minutes later, I realized I was going to be sick- and slightly before this, I mentioned I didn't feel well. The next time I went to the restroom was no false alarm. Ewwww.

Washing of hands and rinsing my mouth in their filthy sink in their filthy restroom, I did feel better. Not great, but better, and returned to the table sweating profusely. I sort of had to lean to my side with my head on the glass window, and apologized to Shigeki. Each minute I felt a little better, and after about 20 minutes of leaning to my side and sipping water, I felt 100% fine. We talked some more and people watched- the light rain coating the dirty side walks, the charming yet run down East Village buildings made a good background to the interesting conversation. I was, of course, embarrassed in getting ill after 2 drinks while showing someone from out of town around, but it could have been worse. It didn't last too long, I got over it, and we were able to keep talking as opposed to me having to pass out in a cab. Thanks for the company, Shigeki. Next time I won't mix beer and cocktails, or won't drink at all ;-)